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Site Speed

The speed that your website loads is of great importance, nowadays google gives great weight to a visitors usability of your website. If your pages take long times to load, not only will your visitors get frustrated and leave, but also google will not rank you highly in the search engines for it. Therefore it is essential to speed up your site and have fast loading pages which is something we at Digicoms Web Designs are very good at.

Code Fixing

Unfortunately nowadays the majority of websites have poor coding and have been built on heavy themes with lots of conflicting scripts. A good site in googles eyes is one of clean coding, error free, and not littered with loads of inline CSS and defunct javascripts. Also another factor that comes into code is the semantic structure of your site and the order in which elements are displayed. At Digicoms we will go through your code and then clean up your site mistakes, so you can have a well built smooth website.


We all know that content is king and has been for years. At Digicoms we are very good at coming up with the correct content strategy for your business. Be it from blog posting to your site to showcase your latest works etc or to writing strategic content that will be carefully researched to help target more relevant people to your website, and begin creating your website as an authority in your field.


Links are an important part of SEO and getting your website to rank well, but not all links are the same. The wrong type of link building can get your website banned and your online business left in ruins. At Digicoms we have special software that enables us to find you good quality authoritative links that will not only boost your site but also even help get you extra traffic. Quality far out weighs quantity online.


There are many other factors that need to be correct with your site, from the use of <h> tags and structure, to on page keyword density, creating your internal link structure, meta tag usage, keyword research, permalinks, sitemaps, site structure and many other factors that we at Digicoms take all very seriously.


“Marc and the team at Digicoms Web Designs did a fantastic job of understanding our business and building us a quality and professional website in a very quick space of time.”

– Brigid, Barnet Furniture Centre, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually is SEO?

SEO standards for Search Engine Optimisation and is the practise of helping your website perform better in the search engines, bringing you more targeted traffic and bringing you more online revenue

How long does it take to see results?

This is dependent on many factors, firstly depending on where your site is now, secondly on how stiff the competition is. SEO work needs to be a continual and constant practise as google likes to see that your are continually giving your visitors new and relevant content.

Can I do it myself?

Yes of course, there are many people who do it themselves but it does take a considerable learning curve and is an ever changing market as the search engines change, so you will need to be constantly keeping up with the latest trends. Also done correctly there are many advanced development tasks that you will need to carry out that will take some skilled coding knowledge to do. Also done wrongly and you can really do your site some damage or even get yourself banned.

What is the most important element of SEO?

This is a very common question and the true answer is that everything combined needs to be done for good results. But you need to look at SEO as why does google rank sites? Their job when someone searches is to deliver the best results to their clients the searcher. So what do they look for? A site that gives their clients the quickest and easiest route to satisfy their search. So google wants to deliver the site that delivers the best usability to the visitor and they do this through several different complex algorithms.

Is SEO actually necessary?

Unfortunately yes it is becoming more necessary everyday. As more and more people are building online businesses the competition is increasing and increasing, and with more and more people doing online marketing if you don’t bother your website really won’t get found. A website brings with it a lot of added work, it can bring you added business but it needs to be worked at, and can often easily cost you 10 times more than the website itself cost over a period of time.

How do you track results?

Firstly you can track results by seeing your online enquiries or calls from the website increasing, but at Digicoms we have some special softwares that will track your targeted keyword positions and we will send you out a monthly report showing the difference in the results from the previous month. There are many factors that we can track and send out reports on, so you will be able to see what is happening all the time.